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Tuesday Morn


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Got out this morning to flat calm. Thought the Lake people had finally heard our concerns as there was a "NO WAKE" bouy at the head of our cove. Came to find out it was just a runaway and is now washed up on shore at Serenity Point. Any way there was lots of top water activity on the sand bar but I could not get bit. Frustrating as I was right among the froth and could find nothing they wanted. Don't know if was whites or spots. Worked a couple banks with Ned and wound up with 4 keepers, 2 shorts and a crappie. In at 10am.  Have any of you been catching more smallmouths than last year? I've targeted bass all month and have caught about 25% smallmouth. Way more than last 2 years (about 5%) Any one else noticed this? Might be the different technique.

WT 71-75

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I have noticed a lot more smallmouth in the PC area, could be a change in bait locations or tournaments relocating them. There are a lot more shad south of point 8 than North of point 8 that could account for the difference. I think it is a little of both, as more small mouth are caught and weighed in PC then released they find lots of food and don't bother running back North.

I have caught lots of small mouth on lures likes flukes and cranks that I have used for years so I don't think it is the technique, even though the ned does catch a lot more. I have not spot lighted crawfish this year so I don't how well they are doing in different parts of the lake but with aces of thread fin, I don't know how much difference that makes.

I do know that whites have been really hard to catch this year compared to previous years and seemed to be focused on bigger shad and shorter feeding windows.

Thanks for the report, I have to get back out before the sun gets out and we get another idiot hatch.

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Mike, I've been sitting in 25-30 fow and getting bit from shore to about halfway back. Probably 6-15 fow. I'm going to try deeper as it has slowed down with 70+ wt. Nothing different on smallmouth technique except more of a point area. Just seem to be more of them and a few less spots. Works for me.

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3 hours ago, Mike jones said:

What depth are you guys getting bit on the ned for smallies?  I really haven't caught many brown fish lately...kinda depressing!!!!

With me it has been gravel points and deep rocks, along the bluffs where I used to pull a lot of 8inch spots there are more 15 inch smallies and 15 inch spots than before. It is hard to judge the depth when your boat is sitting in 80 feet of water, but they seem to be moving in where only spots were before, they will usually group together also.

I have not caught any up the creek channels, and that is were I see most of the bass boats on the weekends. Seems the bass boats like to flip docks and fish shallow were there are not many bait fish. I see those shad hanging out at 50 feet and moving up in the evening and my bigger fish come from areas that change from 10 feet to 80 feet quick. I have seen a lot of big Large mouth coming up from 50 feet in over a 100 feet of water chasing shad 6 inches and bigger across the top.

That type of fishing is not possible this time of year on the weekend, unless you have a seat belt on the front of your boat.


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