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Quick report for June 30-July 2


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Finally got back to the White River for some much needed trout fishing. We fished half a day Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday. For being the holiday weekend, the water wasn't crowded at all. Water generation for Thursday and Friday was low generation early (2 units) and higher generation in the afternoon(5 units).  Saturday they only  generated two units for the day. We fished marabou jigs with 2lb line. Black/olive and tri olive were the colors.  I did pick up my fly rod on a few drifts each day to change it up a bit. Managing to catch some trout on size 12-16  Hares ear nymphs with a indicator.   All three days the fishing was really good. Lots of fish being caught.  Especially early and late afternoon. We fished all over the river. From the state park,  down to Rainbow Drive Resort. The fishing was best for us from The Sportsmans, down to Wildcat shoals. Lost a couple of really good fish this trip, but that's how it goes. Ended up being a great trip with the family and a couple of friends.                      

image.jpeg 16 3/4 inch cutty, plus a couple of bonus fish.image.jpeg21&22 inch wallys 

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