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Headed down to Pomme for a bass fishing trip this Thurs-Sat.  Can anyone give me a heads up on what the water conditions are now that we have gotten all this rain?  I see that the lake is 5ft high and they are running water hard.  Any insight from someone who has been on the water would be greatly appreciated!

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As of today, outflow reduction began this morning.  Outflow will be reduced from 2800 CFS to 250 CFS by 1600 hrs or so today.  will then see how the inflow and evaporation affects things and likely cut further to our minimum of 50 CFS at some point this week, as it doesn't look like we are in line for more rain for a while.  I will be out on the lake the next couple days (if I survive), have been seeing lots of schools of shad.  Hoping for just a little breeze, because its gonna be brutal.

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