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Anyone been up the rivers?


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Another year and my time for white bass/walleyes up the river is limited.  I had a trial that finished up the week before last and was able to get out on a Wednesday in the kayak.  River was extremely low then and I only managed one good walleye (that got released), a few shorts, a few small crappie and one lonely white.  I was hoping to get out again tomorrow and kayak down to 45 from Waterford but the graph is coming up and getting muddier, so unless it stabilizes quickly then today's rain probably did me in.  I imagine it will get right next week at some point once this cold and wet stuff blows through.

I saw folks at Lowes buying tomatoes and peppers like crazy on Saturday.  At least one night this week has a low of 34!  I always get in a hurry to plant the garden but getting a head start doesn't help anything. I'm sure glad I didn't do it this year.  I did plant a bunch of boxes on my deck though.  May have to cover some stuff later this week.

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