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Sunday afternoon


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Got out on the water about 4pm.  Lake was fairly busy with a mix of fisherman, tubers, and some cruising.  Wasn't feeling very ambitious so I put a #4 flicker shad on and started trolling around with one rod.  Trolled over a brush pile and caught a 12" crappie.  Circled around a few more times and got 2 more.  Then a couple came in threw a buoy on the brush pile and started fishing it.  I moved off from them to another pile close by.  As I was turning a tuber boat  motored between me and the fishing couple.  I guess the 400 yds of open water on the other side of us was too scary and needed to feel safe close to the boats fishing while dragging his young kids. I used to think it was just rudeness but I'm pretty sure they're just idiots. Ended up getting 11 crappie with the flicker until it got snagged and lost it.  I ned fished the rest of the evening with 5 small spots, and 1 smallie.  Nothing big but fun.  Bait was scattered in little pods but seemed to be all over. Kept a few crappie for dinner tomorrow. 



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Rude idiot is exactly correct. Probably the same guy that weaves thru highway traffic at 90 when the flow is 80. I propose we have a new forum dedicated to photos and video's of that durn rude idiot. Perhaps if he sees himself online a few times, or the kids see him on facebook, things could change but I doubt it. As a side note I found half his lower unit on a point across from the house last week, but he must of had it fixed already. 

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