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April 17-18

Dan the fisherman

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I got out Sunday for just a few hours and I caught 2.  I mostly throwing a jig because I am learning to fish them but, I caught a nice 2 pounder and then found some or at least one chasing shad in a really narrow pocket in the back of a cove and I threw a top water at him and he hit hard.  It was fun!  I might go out tonight just for another few hours.  Both of mine were in less than a few feet of water and both were in the backs of coves / pockets.

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Got out again this morning.  Bass r still shallow and willing to bite if presented with the right bait.  I've had many follow a fluke, swim bait  or crank bait and just turn away when they get to the boat,   Usually some sort of soft plastic thrown right after and worked slowly can make them bite, but not always. WT was 65-67. Good luck out there fellas and be safe 

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