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Got the green light from the wifey to fish for a couple hours this afternoon so I headed up to the steel bridge in search of some whites..zero bites..tried a white maribou jig, a chartreuse kip tail on the Fly rod, a beetle spin with an orange and chartreuse hair jig, and after that didn't work, tried a 5" white fluke on a 1/4 oz head to see if any walleye were hanging around...no dice...

I still think we got a few more weeks before it gets good. And actually looking back at my notes last year, I didn't start having my best luck up there last year until the end of April...probably just wishful thinking to start catching them early...

I'd like to pass the time chasing some walleye or smallies down along the James...I have some areas in mind but any advice on favorite lures or techniques from the James veterans out there?

Tight Lines guys...Waiting for prime time spring fishing to kick in like a kid at Christmas 😁

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