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Crappie were easy. Bass, not cooperating!


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I took 2 old college buddies out Friday morning to give the lake a go for some bass fishing.  That changed in about 3 hours after the bass did not cooperate and we started catching large black crappie on jerkbaits.  In order to get these guys on some fish, we set the jerkbaits down about 11:30 and picked up the crappie jigs.  This was by far the best move that we made all morning.  We found them in about 4-6 foot of water anywhere that chunk rock would transition into gravel.  We caught crappie on black and chartreuse jigs under a cork for hours.  It was a blast and I was extremely happy to get these guys into some action after not getting bit while after the green fish.  We ended up with 3 limits on Saturday and fished again Sunday from noon to 5 and ended up with 2 more limits.  I'm not sure if they got tired of seeing the black and chartreuse Sunday because we couldn't get bit on it in the same spots.  We made the switch to blue ice colored jigs and went to whacking them again.  It was a little more overcast on Sunday so this could've had something to do with the color change.  We caught crappie here and there but it basically came down to a few spots on that gravel where they had stacked up for some reason.  After striking out on the green fish, we were saved by the generous amounts of good crappie in the Lake!  Lots of fish in the 11-12 inch range and several over 13-14 inches.  Our set up was as simple as it gets, 1/16 or 1/32 oz  jig set about 3 1/2 to 4 foot under a cork and simply twitched the corks and then let them sit.  The fish were very willing to take that cork under on Saturday.  Sunday, the bite was very subtle.  Sometimes your cork would just move a bit and you had to set the hook.  All in all, great times with old friends made even better with some good fishing and decent weather.  Good luck and be careful.

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Great report. Gave me a good plan if I can't get the green fish this weekend. Thanks. Any idea on water temp where you were fishing? 

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