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Eugene Oregon Fly Fishing?


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There is some pretty good cutt fishing in the rivers closer to the coast this time of year.  'You need to head toward Depoe, Bay, Florence or north toward Manzanita and Tillamook.  And there is always the Deschutes with a guide and drift boat.  Sorry all of my contacts are old.

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No fishing experience, but I spent some time in Bend on a business trip about 8 years ago.  I went hiking one afternoon at Smith Rock state park which is located near Redmond OR.  The Crooked river runs through that park, and it looked to be a great fishing stream - I did not see a single fisherman to ask how the fishing was, but it looked very fishy.  You have to do a little hiking to get to the river from the parking area so that probably discourages a lot of fishermen.  It's high desert terrain there and very scenic.   I'd say it's about 2 hours from Eugene.  You can hike, fish, and view the scenery, even if the fishing isn't that good, it would be a pretty neat day trip.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I ventured out to the Willamette southwest of town towards Oak Ridge and tried to get to some productive water. Most of the access points from the highway you almost need rappelling gear to get down the steep embankments. I'm 53 and still pretty surefooted, but not  stoopld. LOL  I did find a small campground that was in the process of shutting down for the season. The caretaker let me access the river from one of his parking lots.  The current and the width of the stream was too much to wade safely. So, I walked up the stream and found it was all that way. 


So, I went the safe route and hired a guide for a float next Sunday on the McKenzie river. We'll so how that goes and maybe  try to get a little info from the guides on some other streams that are more wade friendly.

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