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Ultra Lite Spinning Reels


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Just kind of looking at Ultra Light Spinning reels and wanted to know what you folks thought was a good one for 2 lb test line? I tried looking on the net and they never tell you much about them? If they even tell you it is an Ultra Light. Seems they like to make a guy guess? Willing to spend about $50.00 on one. Thanks for any help. Ron

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One of the "BEST" spinning reels I have came across is the Shimano Sedona ( hope I spelled that right)..

This little reel has a dual drag system on it.. a set drag and a fighting drag... you set the drag where you like.. and adjust it when fighting a fish.. I use 4lb (maxima line on mine).. Like I said IMHO.. I think this is a great little reel..

Also I think Phil has a couple still in his shop..

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Thanks Leonard. I will take a look at that reel. I am building a new spinning rod on a glass blank and want the lightest one I can find on it. I am going to try and fish very small jigs on it? have to see how it will do. Thanks Again Ron

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i have a quantum xl 00S3, not very heavy and not to bad of a drag. 3 ball bearings. cant remember what i paid for it but it wasnt any more than 30-35. it works pretty decent for me.

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I would go to thru Bass Pro or Cabelas catalogs.. look for a rear mounted drag.. something like the Shimano Solstice for $50 at Cabelas.

Cabelas link to Shimano Reel


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This is my all-time favorite reel. Peter Matheison sent it to me to do a field test on it for BASS magazine and I fell in love with it.



I sell them in the shop but they are hard to come by. I think I have a couple. Price- I'd have to look but I'm thinking $65. For the little extra money, they are far above anything I sell.

PS- any of the Shimano's are good reels for the money.

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Theres plenty of good ultralite reels out there, and heres my list of the best ive found and also by the amount of repeat sales.

1) Pfleuger president 20, or 25 $49.99 for the 20 and $59.99 for the 25.

2) Shimano sahara 750fb $59.99

3) Quantum Kinetic kt10 $59.99 (2005 model)

theres a myriad of other reels to choose from but these i have found to be the best.

If you are able to visit the st.charles area you should stop in and i could give you the in's and out's of every ultralite out there. Choosing a reel isnt always about price but those up there that may be a little higher than you were wanting to spend would be well worth the extra money because you would go through several other reels before these reels would croak. :D

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