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Sunday 5/16 AM Lower End


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I am new to the boards but have been following for awhile. Lots of good info and stories/pics. I have only had a boat for a year now and have been putting in time on the water...mostly at Table Rock.


I started out Sunday morning fishing main lake points on tge lower end. I have some fave spots that almost always produce for me. I tied on a KVD walking dawg bait, spinnerbait, ned rig, vision 110+1 jerkbait, and a squarebill to focus on for this trip. I was using my jerkbait when several bass started busting on the top chasing shad around me. So, I switchedbto my topwater bait. Bam! I caught a nice fat spotted bass. That was my first tine ever catching a bass that I had seen actively feeding on top and my first time catching one with a topwater walking bait. I was hooked! I worked that point for an hour or so. I could see bass on my graph but was struggling to get anything working. I moved to an arm off the main lake that has standing timber and where I have caught a mix of fish over the past two weeks. The water depth is about 15-30ft with a lot of standing timber in the area...some submerged and some visible. I again focused on the baits I had tied on. I again found some bass busting and threw the walking bait. I caught a short smallie and then a keeper largemouth in that area. I fished that area for a good 90 minutes or more. I was averaging a fish per hour with two keepers and a short and I also missed a strike and lost a small one I had on. I decided to head down to Long Creek area. I went back in an arm to the right of the bridge once you get back in there and I parralelled tge banks using my topwater lure to hit the shady areas. I caught one more short. I couldnt anything else working once that topwater bite was gone and decided to head in. I have a trip planned for Saturday morning and I am excited. We are going to target 5:30am on the water start time and fish until 11 or so.

The fat spot was a female full of eggs and tge largemouth was a male. Both seemed ready to spawn. I think maybe some of the fish held off spawning due to the high water and cold fronts we got. Maybe over the next week or two the bite will be good. I need to figure out the Ned rig bite and setup. That seems to be the big winner from what I have read on here. Could also be where I am fishing...just not the right areas. 

I posted a pic of the water moccasin I saw over along the bank in Long Creek area. Firat time seeing one in the wild like that.





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