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Hello all. 

Been reading a lot of the older post and figured I would try something new out to help me and others get a starting point on where to fish each month of year for Walleye. This might be a tall order and weather patterns play a huge role but I think it would be interesting to see how everyone views the lake and fish habits based upon their experiences; plus due to work/travel I only get down there about once a month to fish until I can retire, so at that rate I will probably be swimming with the fishes before I learn the lake lol. 

1. For each month of the year on Stockton Lake, if you could pick Only One Spot to fish during that month (be exact as you you can) where would it be. 

2. What depth would you fish?

3. What structure would you fish?

4. What would bait/lure you would use?

you can copy and paste the months with your answers.

























Thanks in advance to all who participate.


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Good luck with the project.  There are only a very few people who post about Stockton and I don’t know of anyone who is a walleye fisherman.  I only target them a couple of times each year and that will be many points from Rouark to the Dam.


You might get more participation on the Stockton fishing on Facebook.  


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Thanks Dutch,

I figured it would be a long shot and wasn’t sure who predominately fished Stockton and/or Walley but figured what the heck it’s worth the effort. I was surprised to see how many people were actually out fishing Xmas eave so it just got me thinking. I did learn two big lessons that day; when someone says it’s going to be windy on Stockton, it’s going to be windy lol, and second I need to learn to utilize my fish finder better along with where brush piles are around the boat when I see them on the fish finder.

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