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Kim City- Jan 23 - Deep bite (Ice Jig, Swimbait)


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Went fishing this morning and the bite was steady enough to keep me entertained. 

The best bait was a 7/8oz ice jig on 10# line and you had to slowly raise the bait above the fish until one committed. The Damiki rig did not produce like it normally does. A swimbait had to be worked (lift and drop) because they would not commit to a steady retrieve. 

The first location was on gravel (no trees and no balls of shad) in about 55 FOW and the easiest ones to catch where near the bottom and grouped up. I could see fish high in the water column (20-35ft) but they were mostly singles and were hard to trigger on a swimbait. 

The second location was loaded with trees in 45 FOW and plenty of fish. They were constantly moving through the trees and again the ice jig was the main bait. Some were postured above the trees for a swimbait but they were tough to catch because they were mostly singles. I did not see any balls of shad.

The best scenario was seeing a group of fish (3 to 6) near the bottom and drop the 7/8oz jig and stop it just above them, then slowly raise the bait until one of the followers would commit. When the fish are near the bottom they might follow the bait upwards for 15ft.


I think the WT is 48-49. 







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