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Looking For A Fishing Report


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Waterfowl season is over and all of the other outdoor hunting for the most part. Superbowl weekend is coming up and it is time for the first big trip of the new year. Kind of a tradition, a few good days of trout fishing followed by a return trip listening to the Superbowl on the radio. I get cheated out of all of the commercials. I usually get back to watch the last half on the TV anyway. I have not seen a report on the Current River, Spring River, or 11 pt in a while. Which way do I go???

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If you don't get an answer soon, post the question on the proper forums. The guys who guide those waters may not see your post here.

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Went down to the Current today...fished about 4 hrs.

Was super windy but I have better luck when it's windy, breaks the surface water, seems they can't see you as well.

Today was the first day I,ve been fishing for a while, health junk, anyway I got lucky...hit it just right.

The water is very low, clear, just not much water. I went to Schafer Spring Branch, dumps in down from Parkers Ford. I didn't catch many but lucked out on a couple of dandys.

Caught a couple of dink browns, 1 about 17" and both in the same hole a 25" female brown at the lower end and a 22" male at the head of the hole, was great.

Caught them on a black and gold rapala.

Waters about as low as I've ever seen it but I think that every time I go down, lol.

The wind was from the right direction...I was about 7-8 miles below the park and heard the horn go off.


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