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Night Crawlers


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My 5 year old son and i came down early saturday morning for a little fishing. we drifted along the bluff directly across from Lilleys, and he caught his limit within an hour and a half. i picked up a couple myself on an olive jig.

he had a lot of bites, but quite a few spit the worm before he could get them to the boat. When he caught his fifth i told him he was over his limit, and i asked him which one he wanted to release. he said the big one. it was great. we left the fish in the livewell on the way home, and we put them in our landscape pond when we got home. He played with them all day yesterday too.

the best action was down just a little from lilleys' across from the boat ramp at cooper where the channel swings to the other bank.

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you're right but i was fishing too, and i had thrown mine back. we only had four between us.

the finer points of the law are somewhat lost on five year olds. i was just happy that he agreed to throw one back, and that the one he chose to throw back was the largest.

no worries

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wily, I think that is a great story of you fishing with your son and him throwing back the biggest. I had heard of people getting tickets for fishing with 4 in the boat. Also not separating the stringers or fish in a livewell.

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