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Tippet Matched To Fly Size

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I sometimes get asked how do you determine what size tippet to match to the fly. There is an old standard that uses the following formula.

Divide the fly size by 4.

So if the size of the fly is a 20, then the appropriate tippet would be 5x and above.

If its a size 14, then 3x and above would work. And so forth.


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I have a book that mentions dividing the fly size by 3. I use 4,5, and 6 most of the time.

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Interesting! I always wondered and basically guessed what size to use. Typicall for size #18 and smaller, I use 7x...size #12-#16 I use 6x and 5x for the rest. I always use flurocarbon....have always had better luck with it vs mono.

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Don't you love a sport that has so very few "rules"? When you do break the rules incorrectly;;;;only the fish "throw a flag". Instead of 15 yards---you've experimented and learned a lesson.

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