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Floated 02-09-08

wacky worm

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Did you catch any? We fly fished a little on Big Sugar without any bites. I think, obviously, the bluebird skies don't help any. Looks like the river is in good shape. How was the floating? Did you encounter any obstuctions? Thanks for the info, I plan on getting down there soon.

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yes the float was awesome

so issues at all

we were in yaks

the dude we saw at the put in had a canoe and passed us halfway

the float seemed short to me

i would love to plan a overnighter or just dream about floating the whole river

keep in touch


Russ Stovall



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I think it is something like 7.6 miles to trigger gap, if I'm not mistaken. With the water over 3 on the gauge it does move fast though. I'm down for doing the whole (from Marble down?) later this spring when we don't need all of the warm gear!

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