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  1. This is the Ned that I know!
  2. Thanks! Hardest part was fishing the new transducer cable's. Trolling motor is next. I want to upgrade that too 24 volt.
  3. Ketchup I know we can install it it's just the technical side I'm not sure about. Like location of the LSS-2 transducer in relation to the 83/200 transducer, does one need to be higher or lower how close to each other can they be. Just thought I'd try and find someone that does it on a regular basis.
  4. Need my Lowrance gen 3 installed and both transducers any recommendations.
  5. LMAO Hook up with Aggressor and see how he turned his truck/trailer into a taser.
  6. No chance of that falling through, Ketchup is all over that like Mustard on a hotdog!
  7. If you have an aluminum boat our club is fishing 1 tournament a month with a low entry fee. We fish Stockton, Table Rock, and Pom. Send me a pm for more info.
  8. That's the ned rig. It catches all different kinds of fish even channel cat.
  9. Why that their is mr ned himself.
  10. The #1 bait for catfish on the james river is hanging out his mouth.
  11. Nothing better than fishing with grandpa and dad, he'll have those memories forever.
  12. Sadly this has turned into a tragedy. I will pray for his Family.
  13. I like that 2nd one looks like a boat highway on the water. Great pictures thanks for sharing.
  14. We truly are blessed to live in the Ozarks.
  15. You get both with the Garcia Orra SX Spinning for sure I have 2 of them.
  16. Great choice. And the wife is happy sounds like fun times on the water.
  17. No fishing today Cya just finishing motor break-in and enjoying the day with my sweetie. Ketchup your welcome to dinner anytime.
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