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  1. The latest is that Canada is talking to US to extend the border crossing ban until June 21? looks to be a go. Oh well, next year we'll take care of those smallies.
  2. Thanks all for the help and ideas. May just have to blow this trip off this year. If we could go to Canada we may or may not have to quarentine for 2 wks. That's not happening. Hell even if MN opens up, they're are so many ppl chomping at the bit to get out to somewhere, I doubt we'd be able to find a place to stay. Looks like a Truman trip may be in our future. Thanks again for your input.
  3. We are supposed to go to Canada end of May. Would be our 4th in a row. Mainly smallmouth, don't target pike but they show up too. Don't have the slightest idea if Canada will open then , so we're trying to come up with a plan B.; Fished some lake near Bemidgi (sp)? probably 40 yrs ago. Know zero about where to look at. Any ideas? TIA
  4. Tim in Mo who is a member here does rod repair for Denny Dennis on Gravois rd in Fenton Mo
  5. Fishing out of Crystal Lake resort, but spend a lot of the time at Marmion Lake. Haven't caught any walleye there yet but have seen many large ones cruising. Just too busy with the smallmouth to target the walleye. (truth be told- don't know much at all about fishing for them.) Caught some Lake trout on Crystal but again don't fish for them much because of the smallies. Beautiful country.
  6. Was served this while staying at Cajun Fishing Adventures in Oct. One of the finest things I have ever tasted. Wife made it for us after I got home . Incredible. Plus pretty easy to put together.
  7. Went around mid Oct fishing and staying at cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras LA- about 15 or so mi N of Venice. 3rd time in as many years . Great time. Guide said he caught 61 bull reds in one day during full moon in August. Thinking about switching our dates next year to full moon in Aug.
  8. Had a great couple of mornings last April (day before the monstrous floods) fishing with Sean at STR outfitters. Caught stripers, hybrids and a large smallmouth. Good fun. Highly recommended.
  9. When you guys talk about Gamakatsu octopus hooks are these circle hooks where you don't set a hook but rather just reel when a fish bites ?, I've used those hooks when catfishing and they work well for those but when I used them on smallmouth , I can't hook 'em at all. I still want to set a hook and I know you're not supposed to when using circle hooks. I do use a 7-71/2 ' rod med action. Vary between 12 lb fireline yellow}and 6-8lb stren green. These older eyes let me pick up on the line twitches a little better with those lines. Do appreciate the responses. Thanks
  10. The last two years we have went to Canada (Atikoken area) to fish for smallmouth. There were many of the fish on beds. Probably caught half of our fish on them . 90% of our fishing was using senko type baits (4-5") hooked just once through the middle with no weight at all. Very effective , but I'd guess that we had 30% or better at times came off or just didn't get hooked up on them. We used different type worm hooks on them , mostly Gamakatsu and Trokar. Tried different styles of hooks. Regular worm hooks and hvy cover straight worm hooks. Want to cut down on the misses and long releases. Any recommendations ? Most fish were in the 2.5- 3.5 lb range so it wasn't from little ones.
  11. Thanks for the info. Wife and I usually just go spend a half day fishing the bluff up from the accesss.
  12. Can anyone report on the condition of the access at Bay Creek?. Are the campgrounds still there?
  13. Ffer

    Walleye in Canada

    Going to Atikoken area in a couple of weeks. Went last year and caught many, many smallmouth. Used wacky worms to catch 95% of them. Just about the only fish we targeted. But, saw many large to very large walleye while we were fishing for the bass. Any suggestions as to what lure, bait etc, we should have at the ready to throw to them.? We don't keep fish up there. (you're allowed very few fish of any kind to keep which is fine). Just need a little help in getting a few pics of nice walleye. Thanks.
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