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On 11/14/2015, 11:58:50, Mbrown2858 said:

I noticed quite a bit of people using Rooster Tails and Little Cleo's on spinning gear doing well too.

Aren't we limited to using single hooked lures and flies during C&R season? I've always wanted to throw a jerkbait in there, but always figured it was illegal unless I replaced the trebles with some j-hooks.

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1 hour ago, mhall02 said:

Single hook Rooster tails are a good fall back when spin fishing in fly zones, and I guess a Little Cleo with the treble hook removed and replaced with a single hook would meet the fly def.  Fishing with flies only doesn't mean fishing with a fly rod only :D

You best check on that cleo to be sure. I think it has to have some type of fly material in addtion to the single hook. Rooster tail normally has a fly material attached.

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Flies, Lures and Baits:

The following classes of lures are authorized for use, except where restricted.

  1. Natural and scented baits—A natural fish food such as bait fish, crayfish, frogs permitted as bait, grubs, insects, larvae, worms, salmon eggs, cheese, corn and other food substances not containing any ingredient to stupefy, injure or kill fish. Does not include flies or artificial lures. Includes dough bait, putty or paste-type bait, any substance designed to attract fish by taste or smell and any fly, lure or bait containing or used with such substances.
  2. Soft plastic bait (unscented)—Synthetic eggs, synthetic worms, synthetic grubs and soft plastic lures.
  3. Artificial Lure—A lure constructed of any material excluding soft plastic bait and natural and scented bait defined in (A) or (B) above.
  4. Fly—An artificial lure constructed on a single-point hook, using any material except soft plastic bait and natural and scented bait as defined in (A) or (B) above, that is tied, glued or otherwise permanently attached.

Found here:




I think they would be OK with a single hook Little Cleo.  I think the metal used to make the LC falls under the "constructed of any material"', they are obviously not made of soft plastic or natural and scented bait.    


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I think the single treble on a regular roostertail they tend to count as 1 hook at Meramec Springs. With crank and jerkbaits the dual trebles is where I assume the real problem would come up. But I feel like the regular roostertails they allowed in the past. I've grown quite fond of the single hook roostertails anyways though. They don't catch on as much grass and it's quicker and less damaging to the fish to get that 1 hook out of it. 

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