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It Was A Beautiful Weekend.

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I had a weekend with nothing really planned, except to kill a few squirrels for the pot and get ready for deer season.  Sat. morning dawned fine and cool with a nice little coating of frost.  Squirrels were sleeping late, action did not pick up till later in the morning.  Deer were active, at least the does and fawns.  I counted 12 on the farm, they were active throughout the day.  But, no bucks chasing.  I had deer all around me despite the plucking off of a squirrel now and then.  10 squirrels in hand by 10 am was a good morning.

I checked the game cams placed around the farm that had been out for several weeks.  Then it was time to put the bees to bed for the winter.  I did my last inspections, put away another hive that failed this fall, and declared the last 3 fit to survive the winter.  Sighted in 3 rifles that needed attention. 

Sunday came and the grandson had been pestering me to go hunting.  At age 7, his patience and concentration is just beginning to reach the stage where I thought we may have a hunt instead of a fun day together.  His attention span was twice what it was last year.  We started the morning off with a Bald Eagle feeding on a carcass of a coon on the road near the house.  We were both impressed with the bird as it flew down the road in front of the truck, then alongside of us as we drove with it flying beside of us gaining altiitude.  He was a little quieter and more attentive to his surroundings this year compared to last.  We managed to take a couple of squirrels which he was very proud to carry around for me.  After the hunt, his new prize Daisy BB gun came out and we wasted many BB's. 

Life is good.


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