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Travis Swift

Powerbait and Trout worm deal

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Phil cannot even think about buying it for that price wholesale, and my guide program discount is just about this same as their wholesale price.  He really can't do that however it would be a book keeping nightmare for their staff.  In the long run for what Phil sells it would be a drop in a rain barrel.

They stock PB and make some money on it, but it is more about serving his fishing clients.  If he took it off the shelves I'm going to say his bottom line does not move any more than with some of us purchasing a few bags from Dick's.  Means "absolutely nothing to anyone except the person using it and getting a nice tidy savings."

I'm guessing and this is always the way it is.  Berkley is footing the bill on this, has nothing to do with Dick's other than a promo to see how many people are looking at their website and taking notice.  I'm going to guess this is a total loss leader and even Berkley is just breaking even on it.  If you will go to Dick's site and purchase additional products that is what their after, not the purchase  of the trout worms at a buck a bag..

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