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3/20, 3/21

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Not a lot to report. Got on the water late Wednesday, from the Theodosia ramp, with about a noon start after dealing with all the boat and tackle issues from my having not fished since June.

Water temps were 47-50, with really good looking color, and a light stain up above the 160 bridge. Did a little boat riding, and fished quite a few areas. Ended the day with 3 solid 14" spots, all on the Arig, and a 12" largemouth on a 110+1. Missed a few more on the rig, thinking I had some grab the dummy baits, and I missed a couple bites on a crankbait, which I'm sure was all just on my rusty skills. Didn't have any pattern, but the fish I did catch were on steep stuff, in 25' or so.

Slept a little late on Thursday, started to high skies and a bit of breeze at 9ish, out of the spring creek ramp. Ran down to the Oakland area, graphed fish on many channel swings and transistion banks, but bites were tough to get. Finally broke out the Ned and fought the wind a while, before going back to the Arig and catching a 3.5 LMB on a bluff end at the mouth of a spawning cove around 2pm. I quit about 3pm, had to drive back to STL and wanted to get in before the little guy went to bed.

I did a lot of boat riding, trying to burn old gas out and make sure stuff was working as it should. I got the feeling I was a day or two late, post front, full moon, etc. Hope to be down next week, as its fixing to get real good!

good luck and post reports! 


Mark Burris 

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