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Indian Creek 4/14

Got on the water at 6.30- wind was already blowing pretty good.  Cloudy, 43 degrees.  Went to the back of Indian.  WT was mid 50’s.   Marked a ton of fish and my buddy  hooked up with a 7-8 lb striper right away.  Unfortunately we were throwing 6lb test and as he got the fish to the boat I realized my net was missing (thanks kids).  I tried to lip it and pull it in but the line snapped as soon as I touched it.  Anyway- we ended up getting on a school of whites with some big fat females in there for about 45 minutes or so.  Lotta fun- multiple double ups and a couple of real nice whites.  Clouds broke up some and we lost contact with them.  I went out there today intending to find some smallies but by the time we were done with the whites (hard to leave a school of feeding fish) the wind was so wicked that anything closer to the front of Indian or the dam was completely unfishable.  Off the water at 9.45.  Caught about a dozen fish- all of them on a KaiTech 3.8 with 1/4 oz head.  Color didn’t seem to matter as long as it was shadish looking.  All the females were loaded with eggs!





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