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Night Report 10/5/17

Run the water that's all the Corp wants to do and all I want to do is fish!! So last night for the first time ever I fished a lighted indicator along with a buddy of mine. I know this die hard streamer fisherman did just that. The results put the boat on the water at 10:15 boated to the cable took the boat off of the water at 1:15am. We fished the mega worms all colors white,red,pink& cream. Fishedthem about 8-9 foot deep and boated over 50 fish to the boat. Nothing huge but had some great quality bows along with a few browns. Fished the south side then would switch to the north side and picked up around 5-6 fish per drift. I never thought I would ever do this but you have to adapt and I think I am hooked!





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13 hours ago, Phil Lilley said:

What kind was the indicator?

It was a glow stick that they use for golf balls and we put in a large teardrop foam indicator.

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I do the same thing.  They sell the little refills at Walmart and I use a piece of tubing and a bigger float.  Man you guys have me jonesing bad for a trip down... I much prefer fishing at night and it sounds like it's paying off for you guys.

Thanks for the reports.

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