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Shell Knob 7/27 and 7/28

Fished the Shell Knob area Saturday and Sunday.  Fished from 6:00-10:00 then 12:00-4:00 or so Saturday and 6:00-10:00 Sunday.

Catching was great as it seems the fish have really moved out into some of my favorite summer holes, with my favorite way to catch them.

Most came on a 3" swim bait, 1/4oz head or a 3/4 oz dixie jet.  Have a few on top and messed with some vertical spoon fish as well.

Numbers were just amazing Saturday but the short to keeper ratio was subpar. 

Most of these fish came on the main lake or the mouth of coves suspended down 20'-40'  overall depth didn't seem to matter but the depth of your bait is critical.


Sunday morning was one of those days, found a big group of fish at the mouth of a larger cove, they would surface chasing about 2 times an hour but stayed biting below the surface.

This school was a mix of Spots and some very nice LM's.  Counted down the spoon or swimmer to 30ft or so and hold on, i noticed when i would cast to the edge of the schooling fish and got the bait down below them i would get better fish, if one of the smaller spots didnt grab it first.


Coming down Thursday to Monday this week with a friend from up north, hope they are still biting!


LD Fisher, was that you coming up the Kings both Saturday and Sunday morning?  i really wanted to fish that point you were sitting on..... 😃 HAHA




Graph 2.jpg



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2 hours ago, LD Fisher said:

Yep that was the boss and me!  Caught north of 40 but mostly all shorts, wife had a ball though

I was going to sneak over and say hi but didn't want to interrupt!

How were you guys catching them?

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Drop shot, live worms. Had to cut em in half because we were running out. Not much size but very active catching, the wife had a ball!!!  Went back, but “no joy”!!  Had a hard time locating anything to speak of this morning!

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