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  1. I'm coming up from Texas to fish the Kings River area with my dad over Easter. Hoping the crappie will be biting. Can anyone suggest popular bait colors for this time of year and would you go with 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch plastic? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Where is the White River Arm? Is it way up in the river or close to the Kings River. I'm up from Texas on vacation and staying near Shell Knob.
  3. Thanks for the update.. I've been killing it on the drop shot with a purple/purple plum color fat robo worm. Almost every cast around brush/trees near the shore in about 18-30 feet. Tried some walleye fishing and only got a couple of sized bass in about 50 fow. Haven't had a lot of luck on the jig bite, few here and there. Got a nice 4lb'r on a jig a couple of days ago. Most fish are about 12-14 inch range but fun for my nephews.
  4. Has anyone been fishing the Shell Knob area? Seems the fishing has been slow, anyone have any suggestions?
  5. What size hook do you use? Where do you put the red donut looking thing. I trolled for 3 hours yesterday and only caught a few small bass. Is there particular areas to key in on, I've been just trolling up and down the shoreline near the shell knob area. I have heard from several people there are walleye out there. I just can't seem to find them.
  6. Are you trolling these just off the shore? Near bluffs? I have never walleye fished but just picked up some flicker shad now just trying to find where they are at. Do you just cast them off the back of the boat and start motoring? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  7. What were you trolling to get the walleye? I'm really wanting to get into some walleye.
  8. Only place I have been able to catch crappie on TRL during the summer is docks and way up in the Kings Rivers. They are really hard to come by in the summer; however in the spring you can catch a bunch. This past spring first week in April we caught about 150 slabs. Good luck, hope you find them.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the help. Hopefully I can have the same kind of night fishing experience that you had.
  10. What color where you catching them on? Where can you get a NuJig? Where you just casting towards the shore and working the bait back to the boat? I've never really night fished but thinking about starting. When you say Shellknob area are you talking point 19 to point 22? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks for your help!
  12. What kind of crankbaits and color for this time of year. I have tried crawlers and the bass just eat em up.
  13. I keep hearing a lot of people talking about walleye fishing on TRL. Anybody got any advice on fishing walleye in this lake? Baits? Techniques? I'm going to be up there for 2 weeks over the 4th and would love to catch a few.
  14. Where is the best places to catch crappie in the Kings? Mouth of Kings or way up in the Kings? What brand of swimming minnows? I keep hearing a lot about these swimming minnows, thx
  15. Jigs or minnows? What did you catch the bass on today? How deep? Thanks.
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