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  1. It was great to see Matt Stefan have a strong event. It looked like he caught many of his keepers on a Ned.
  2. Bill, Can you give credit to the company that did the great job at a reasonable price?
  3. Looks like you had a great day! Great.report!
  4. Like what? Like taking away your choice on how to power your dock in 10 years.
  5. The elected officials to contact are: Senator Roy Blunt senate.gov you can send your suggestions through on his web site. and. Billy Long. House.gov. His comment link was not working earlier in the week so you may need to send a letter. These are the two representative who can influence the corps behavior. Please Speak Out.
  6. I also think it's funny the Dam was built for watershed management and to create electricity. Maybe the corps should shut down the dam for the production of energy if they want solar only in 10 years on docks. The corps want to keep manpower to further a political agenda.
  7. Funny if the Corps doesn't want residents to use electricity, maybe they should stop producing it. Take it off the list of priorities the lake and darn was built for in the first place.😆
  8. ELECTRIC LINES (2017 Final Plan) Existing electrical services supplying floating structures or occupying Corps property must meet the standards set by the current National Electrical Code. Licenses are not required for solar or other alternative electric systems that are contained entirely upon a permitted boat dock. Generally, outgrants will not be issued for new electric service to private floating facilities. Electric service for new floating facilities and those existing facilities without service must be supplied from a renewable energy alternative power source (e.g. solar or wind). This service must be installed and maintained to the standards established by the current National Electrical Code. Existing licensed electric lines providing service to private floating facilities will not be renewed after December 31, 2027. Prior to the issuance of a Shoreline Use Permit after December 31, 2027, overhead and underground electrical service must be removed and the area restored. Overhead electric requires the removal of all poles at ground level, all wire, and all associated equipment from public land. Underground electric requires disconnecting the wire from the source and removing all exposed conduit, wire, and associated equipment. Continued electric service must be provided by alternative power source. All electric service must be maintained in safe working condition and meet Corps standards (including license/easement and SMP conditions), meet all local and state codes, and meet all requirements of the National Electrical Code.
  9. From the revision plan: Only alternative power sources (e.g. solar) will be allowed. Existing licenses for overhead and underground electric service to private floating facilities will not be renewed after December 31, 2027.
  10. This bait looks like it could work well on Table Rock. Does anyone have any experience using the Realis Spinbait 80? The say they will dive to 15 ft. Great for suspended fish. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Duo_Realis_Spinbait_80/descpage-DUOSPIN.html
  11. I have a friend who worked in the electronics department at Bass Pro. He strongly recommended Humminbird over Lowrance when I was buying equipment. 2 factors: 1-easier to operate 2-customer service from the factory- He said Lowrance was very difficult to work with.
  12. Will do Bill. Thank you very much!
  13. My guide recommendations for Table Rock lake goes to the gentleman who keep this board informative and interesting. I have a friend looking to give a Fishing guided trip for a Birthday present on the Lake of The Ozarks. Can anyone give me help. I would hope it would be someone of the same caliber that feeds this site. Thanks
  14. It appears the corps has sent out several letters saying several docks were incorrectly placed on Table a Rock due to out dated survey equipment. If you look at the Corps updated site map it seems every cove has docks outside the updated zones. Does anyone know what the corps plans to do? Will these docks be grandfathered when the new shoreline plan is complete?
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