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  1. 181 Posted 13 hours ago Well that doesn't sound like much fun at all! Well done. Was it up and down under the boat or were you making casts with the jet? We were cast it out and counting it down.
  2. Got out at about 5:45 this am. Started at a cove just off the main channel down by Cow creek at about 6 or so. Water temp was 85.8 with maybe 5 foot of visibility. Looks like an algal bloom goin on. Was not like this 3 weeks ago. Fish were busting on top all around us sporadically for about 45 mins to an hour. Threw spooks, and wakers with no takers. Picked up a popper and they seemed to like that as I caught 2 in successive casts, both keeper spots, and then it was over. Found them out in the creek channel just outside the submerged tree line suspended in 30-50ft in 70 ft of water clo
  3. Just to add more detail to my post. The jig I was throwing was 1/2 oz gr pumpkin/orange with a zoom speed craw trailer. And yes as others have posted I dipped both of the trailer claw tips in orange spike it. This seemed to make a huge difference as I out caught my partners 2:1.
  4. Lol! No Champ. I was not. Just our little 3 person family tourney for the week. I have just that one! Just dreaming I suppose! Ha
  5. Came down for our annual week at TRL Jun22-29. Sun was a complete washout for us as it rained nonstop all day and night. Every morning (Mon-Fri) we fished from 5am until 11am at the latest. We had found a couple of new areas that we wanted to try this year so we headed there first thing. A little cut of the main lake just down lake from cow creek. Being that there were a lot of flooded we decided to start pounding them with a jig first keeping a eye out for top water activity as well. . Caught this 5.00 beauty up tight in the bushes about 7:30 or so and she hammered my jig and c
  6. Pretty much the same for us too. We started at 5:00am. Fished a flooded brush point and was throwin jigs, wobble head and topwater. I only managed one short brown fish on the wobble head with a zoom gr pumpkin speed craw and no top water action what so ever. Left there at about 6 or so and wanted to be on a main lake hump by the time the sun came from behind the clouds. Was fishin drop shot anywhere from 20-40 over 50' and managed a couple spots there. While there the surface came to life within a cast from the boat so we threw over immediately and caught a real nice white and a 14" spo
  7. Yeah, it was definitely a very slow bite. Just here and there. No multiples. Just swimming the grub very slow.
  8. So true. We just got in from this morning an we have not seen balls of bait anywhere yet but have seen them scattered about. Saw a few here and there swimming on top while fishing but that was it. We went to completely diffenernt areas to look for more fish and found some on main lake bluff ends with pole timber. A little better than yesterday but not by much. Caught most of our fish swimming a smoke grub and one on a hula jig. Was overcast all day which I thought would help but not so much other than we went sweating and were very comfortable a morning. Did go out to fish a main lake
  9. Wish I could tell ya Quill. Out right now and didn't even try this morning.
  10. Havin trouble uploading a picture of the Ned bass. Will try at another time.
  11. Started the day at 0500 and went straight over to Schooner creek to scout some topwater action. Threw the fin for about some swim baits til about 7 or so with no takers. Had a few blow up but that's it. Not really much activity on top to speak of but did manage one short LM on a jig. Went over to Mill Creek fished a grub and jig sittin in 30 throwing up to 15 in gravel with nothin to show. Shot across the cove and fished a bluff wall with some pole timber and caught a couple of LM and a spot. Biggest was 14 3/4. Decided to head over and fish a couple of deep water docks with only one
  12. Dave. AAD and myself fished Schooner first thing this morning. Started approximately 5:15 and nothin, nada, zilch. We were throwin the fin and had a couple swipe at it but no takers. Saw minimal activity on top. You guys weren't lying when you said the tw bite was nonexistant. Found that out first hand. Last year at this time the tw bite was pretty good. Hope it picks up as the week goes on but I'm not holding my breath. We will post a full report of our day later tonight.
  13. Thanks Champ! We'll definitely be throwing the jig! Probably try the grub and finesse as we'll. We also have a couple of docks over some pretty deep water near us too that are for sure to be visited. We'll make sure to post the results of our mornings throughout the week. We stay in the Kimberling City area so that's probably where we will focus our attention. Would also love to run in to some schools of Whites. That's a blast as long as we can keep the hooks in them and out of our hands! Guess that's why we have that net! Thanks for the info and good fishin!
  14. Thanks Champ. Tried to explain it the easiest way I could. That one can be a tough one for many to understand but I think it's worth my time if i can help anyone. Lord knows I've gotten a wealth of information from this forum the past few years from you and many others and it's always appreciated! So I feel the obligation to give back when I can. I will be down Saturday morning for my annual week of fishing and relaxation with family and friends and I'm literally counting the hours. Hope the tw bite picks up a bit because I have plenty of fins, spooks and poppers primed and ready for som
  15. Dave is pretty much right on with his thinking here. Maybe I can shed some light. In most temperate climates like ours lakes will stratify in horizontal layers. Cold water is more dense than than warm water so it sinks and the warmer water will sit on top. So as the Sumer goes on this top layer will continue warm and warm. The point in the water column where the water temp starts to decrease more drastically as you go deeper is called the "thermocline". In relation to this drastic water temp change is dissolved oxygen levels. Cold water holds less dissolved oxygen than warm water and ca
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