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  1. One last thing considering this is a open forum on the Internet and this is just my opinion so dismiss if you'd like but if you do give a report from small waters like this, it would probably be best if for example in Big Creeks case, just say "Cuivre River tributary" or Spencer creek just mention "Salt River trib" and just leave it at that! The smart folk can probably figure it out anyways but why give away the code to the garage door if it isn't necessary! Just a thought because unfortunately not everyone is on the up & up. Good luck to you and maybe do a little research with satellite imagery to acquaint yourself with the area ahead of time...
  2. Here's the deal... Big creek like many others in Lincoln, St. Charles, Warren, & Montgomery used to fish really good all things considered. However due to development, creeks like that have suffered in that area and also like creeks in that general region (Charette, Lost, & Masses comes to mind) the locals consider those criks trespassing if you aren't invited by a land owner so for real, watch it! As far as fish, the creeks in that area are in the "transition area" of the Ozark hills to the south & the prairies of the north but they still have Ozark characteristics so expect those type of fish NOT including trout although there is a couple SMALL springs on Big. Indian Camp Crik used to be a good one as well but that was before the construction of Incline Village! Hope this helps and if you go, be prepared for anything...
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