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  1. They are a lot nicer when you have the livewell full😆! Great produce...I'm guessing still in the main lake...
  2. Was thinking that was my next move....thanks for the assurance on my assumptions...ML that is. The heat is driving them deep and a little tight lipped. They still have to eat though.
  3. Well maybe I'll get up in the ML next time I go though I'm not very familiar with it. I tend to stay around the highpoint/cedar ridge area mostly. Maybe put in at state park or Crabtree...
  4. Looks like a great haul! We have had our best year yet on Stockton for crappie but the last 2 outings have only produced 4 keepers. I have a hard time identifying the brush piles I guess or at least the ones with fish on them. Getting spanked makes me wanna get back on em that much worse!...nice boar for the "WIFE" by the way...lol...I think my wife deserves an upgrade as well.
  5. Caught several females last night both crappie and white bass....the majority of them had a lot of eggs still. They were not busting like they were a few weeks ago I'm no expert, in fact I'm still learning, but my guess is they are still dropping eggs. I think the water is so clear they are spawning deeper. I also believe they are about as close to being finished without being finished as they can be. How ever far down the 59-60 degree water is where I'd guess they like to hang out. This is just my thoughts. I read everyone advice and reports to learn so if I can offer a little here and there
  6. I had almost the exact same experience...2 people 35 fish 2/3 crappie 1/3 white bass. 100% good time!
  7. Good catch...any still with eggs or spawned out?
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