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  1. Hey Ron it was my pleasure. And don't let him fool you he is a heck of a walleye fisherman. And a great guy to spend a day in the boat with. Fish were tough we found them and just couldn't get them to bite consistently . Hopefully it will get better. Just been a crazy year. Have 2 or 3 trips were your like yea got them figured out only to have 2 or 3 trip leaving you scratching your head wondering if you forgot how to catch one.
  2. Caught walleye today. Bottom bouncing in 17 to 22ft deep. Moving at 1.0 mph. Also pitching a jigging rap when fish were seen on graph.
  3. Have had a tough summer so far, being on a consistent walleye bite. Was catching some nice fish 3 or 4 weeks ago. But not much for numbers. Now it has flipped catching a good amount if numbers but not much for size. Last 4 trips 115 total walleye with 21 keepers. Mostly catching on bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses. It was a hot one today hope everyone is staying safe out there and catching a bunch of fish.
  4. When I am fishing by myself or with wife I very rarely keep a limit of walleye. I keep one or 2 on occasion when the wife wants one to eat. When I have clients catch and release is not an option. Although I did have a fella last year that wanted to catch and release.
  5. Not sure. I haven't ran into him yet.
  6. Noooooo. Don't cut off the second hook. Put the first hook through the nose of the crawler. The second hook goes through the crawler where ever it hits on the crawler. Then pinch the crawler off behind the second hook. Most of your fish will come on the second hook. Especially now when most of the fish r just coming up and grabbing it like Walleye Mike explained. I will put a pic on here when I get a chance. Right now I just am using interstate trolling batteries 29 series. I have a 36 volt trolling motor and it last all day. I would actually bet it would last 2 days in a row without charging. But I charge every time I use.
  7. I don't use my big motor at all. I use my trolling motor in any wind.
  8. Well the bottom bouncer isnt usually all that far behind the back of the boat.. Also when i say i am in 18 ft of water i have baits on the left side of boat that may be in 15 ft of water. The baits on the other side r in 20. If you have rod sticking strait out each side of the boat you are covering approximately 20ft of water. I have a transducer in my trolling motor and a transducer center of my boat just in front of the big motor. They can be reading same or different depths. The main point is if I catch a fish whether I am weaving in or out or in a straight line drop a way point and try to hit that way point when you go back through that area. Or if you catch a fish whether on right or left rod. Look at your depth on your sonar and try to repeat. Hope this answers your question.
  9. As I sit here today waiting for the guy to come fix my Tv.lol. I thought I might write a little bit about how myself and friends bottom bounce for walleye. I get questions almost everyday on the topic. First I will preface this by stating that the opinions here are mine.lol I am not here to say that there are not a hundred other ways to do this method. But rather give some insight to what I have learned over the past few years. I started walleye fishing about 11 years ago. By going on a trip to nunguesser lake in Ontario Canada. When I returned I decided to look into walleye fishing in missouri. I started researching lakes and found Stockton to have a good population of walleye so I decided to make that my home lake. I have been fishing for about 45 years. For almost all the usual species found in Missouri. I fell in love with walleye fishing because of the challenge of catching walleye on a regular basis is not something everyone does. When I started looking into walleye on Stockton. I started with a jig and night crawler. With reasonable success. And it is still a great method to catching them. And to be honest there is nothing better than catching a walleye on a jigging rod. Imo. About 3 years into learning Stockton and its walleye population i decided to try some new methods i had been hearing about on Ozark anglers. So bottom bouncing caught my eye. I started acquiring all the necessary gear to fish this method. After 7 or so years of doing it this is the system I currently use. I used bass pro bottom bouncing rods with pro qualifier II reels. With 30lb suffix 832 braided line. Tied to a 2oz bottom bouncer. I tie most of my crawler harnesses using 17lb vanish fluorocarbon. I use mainly northland bait fish image crawler harnesses or there components to make my own version. I used 2oz bottom bouncer exclusively because I rarely bottom bounce deeper than 25ft. When I am fishing points or rocky banks for the sake of few hang up and broken harnesses I do the usual method of letting the wire on my bottom bouncer just tick the bottom keeping the harnesses above the bottom. I also use harnesses with floats on them as apposed to beads. It tends to keep them off the bottom better. I hear fishermen all the time talk about keeping the line at a 45 degree angle or as vertical as possible. I don't worry about that at all. I get going the speed I want to be going usually anywhere from .8 to 1.2 then drop the bouncer to the bottom and adjust my depth as it starts to pull behind the boat if I am not hitting bottom let out more line. Let the fish tell you what they want if your not catching fish speed up or slow down till you catch fish then repeat. Weave in and out at different depths till you catch a walleye then try to stay that depth. Every day is different. A little wind helps but not mandatory. For example one day the wife and I where fishing in a lets say 15 to 20 mph wind. We caught 65 walleye that day in 8 to 11 ft of water. The next day almost none existent wind. We went to the same spot could not get bit. Started searching found the fish on same structure position different in about 18 ft of water. Didnt catch nearly as many but still had a great day of 28 walleye. Not all were keepers either one of those days but could have kept several limits both days. All that to say wind, clouds, sun time of day will change where the fish are and there mood. But they didn't leave the lake. When I am fishing a mud bottom. I don't just let the bottom bouncer tick the bottom. I let out an extra 3 to 5 ft of line and let the bouncer drag along the bottom. I know...I know. Not how your supposed to do it. But I believe that the bouncer pulling along the bottom stirring up mud gets the fishes attention. But hey that is just my theory or opinion. I use a half of a night crawler never a full one. First you use half as many crawlers and second you don't have to wait for the walleye to work all the way up a full worm to get to your hooks.. Boat control and speed are very important if not the most important thing when it comes to catching walleye. Color. I believe does at certain time make a difference at other times not so much. Well there it is pretty much how we do it. Main thing is pay attention to details. And to adjust when things are not going the way you like. Do we go out and catch limits all the time absolutely not. I am the most guilty person for not adjusting to what they want instead of what I want to give them. Most importantly take out friends and loved ones and get out on the lake.
  10. fished today had 9 keepers 9 shorts. Bottom bouncing in 15 to 22 ft. Had to move around. Find fish with sonar go over a couple times. Catch 2 or 3. Move to next spot.
  11. Had fun day walleye fishing inspite of the wind. Had 15 keepers and 5 shorts total. Nothing big 18 1/2 biggest. Most 15 1/2 to 16. Bottom bouncing in 16 to 20 ft of water. Crawler harnesses.
  12. Oh man. Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you. It was a beautiful day.
  13. Great job. I got out today also. Pitching jig with a paddle tail. To the brush bouncing back to boat had several largemouth and spots. 2 whites and 2 walleye. Same water Temps. 53 to 56
  14. Nice beaver.... (shameless naked gun... line) glad you got out and enjoyed the day. Fishing will pick up.
  15. Great fish. Congrats to the Mrs.
  16. But bottom bouncing with harnesses or jig and crawler. Should work also. I have also heard trolling cranks has been working.
  17. Had a trip yesterday. We caught 24. 6 of them keepers. Using jigging raps. 14 to 22 ft. Moving around till you saw them on the graph. Usually on the bottom to just above. Drop down on them rip up let fall to bottom. Rip up again till one time you lift and there he is.
  18. Had a tough week last week had trips 3 days had 33 shorts and 9 keepers. Things turned off, keepers tough to come by.
  19. Cooler weather didn't completely shut Down the walleye. Don and Tisha got them a couple limits. 8 keepers and 12 shorts. 15 to 21 ft bottom bouncing
  20. 21 or 22 inches cant remember for sure.
  21. It is easy to have fun and catch fish with guys like you to. Always welcome in my boat. Thank you very much looking forward to next time.
  22. Great Job Mike. Yes lots if shorts. It seems like if you can get into a pod of bigger fish. They will bite but finding them is the thing. But it is fun catching the shorts as well. Congrats on the 20 inch green fish as well.
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