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  1. I fished with my wife and Frenzel. He rigged us up with river rigged floater cranks and I was skeptical until my wife caught a 5 lb brown and bunch of big rainbows with this rig. Unfortunately, camera went into Taney when she stood up when I hooked a good brown, wasn't fast enough with net to catch camera. I've tried this on the White, but too moss or not right current. Right conditions, deadly. Funny thing on that trip we saw turkeys fly up to trees at night above Phils, she didn't know they could fly!
  2. One of my best days was a stop over at Roaring River on my way to the White River. Found out this stop over didn't do me any favors in drive time from Kansas City. But I had great fishing on a beautiful day, then ventured on to catch trout later in the afternoon on the White for a two state trout sweep.
  3. A White River rig is a typically a hook on a longer length of leader 18-24 inches attached to a swivel with a shorter leader 6-10 inches to form a dropper kind of rig with a bell sinker. Some use a three way swivel to attach the bait section and the sinker section, but this involves too many knots for my taste. However, some say, like my dad, that this helps reduce line twist. Fish don't seem to care and I typically out fish him. I usually start with a 24-30 (small armlength) piece of 2-4 lb. test, sometimes flourcarbon. I then tie my bell sinker to one end, measure 6-10 inches from there. form a small loop and tie a double overhand knot to form a small 1/2 inch loop (to attach to my snap swivel) and tighten up leaving the loop. Then measure to taste, 18-24 inches from there, trip and tie on hook. I usually use a smaller circle hook or #6 or#8 bait hook for power eggs or worms. I have also used a floating Rapala (use a cheap one in case of hang ups)instead of bait. The White may have too much structure for this, Tanney this works great. Sculpin or shimp will require a bigger hook. Weights vary from 1/8 to 3/8 depending on how many units are running. Lower the number of units, lower the weight, adjust accordingly to have it stay with the boat if drifting at the same pace. Bait going fast than boat, use heavier weight, bait really bouncing or hanging up, lighten up. I sometimes pre-tie these and wind up around a piece of notched cardboard. If you do this you may want to leave hooks off, because I can now tie a full rig faster than untangling the card and line.
  4. Is a 7 month old boy too young to take to Dry Run Creek? Just kidding, can't wait to take my boy there in the future so he can show up his old man!
  5. I just broke him off, did he still have a bead head pheasant tail in his lip?
  6. I had one about that size swim right next to me while I was just above the re-bar hole. Scared me to death! Thought I saw the largest trout ever until I realized it was a gar.
  7. One year on my way from KC to the White River for our annual fishing trip in Arkansas, I fished Capps Creek south of Joplin, then the Roaring River, then fished below Beaver Dam, before heading to the White River. Caught fish in all four spots, which included 2 states in one day. Great way to go down for a trip to Arkansas. My plan was to head down 71 to Joplin, when close to Joplin, call the Tanneycomo dam, if running water, hit the spots listed above, if not head over to Tanneycomo. Fortunately, they were running water at Taney, because I got into some great trout at the C&R section at Roaring River. Not to mention the drive from Beaver to the White through Eureka Springs is very scenic.
  8. Great video Phil, felt like I was fishing from my office. Good luck with all the water!
  9. Thanks Phil, I've been keeping my on that board as well. For some reason, my work internet wouldn't let me get there. I tried you're link and was able to get there, must have had a bum link. Thought the internet police were freezing me out.
  10. Fishing must be real good after the 2/1 opening of the trophy area, since nobody has posted since. Probably haven't made if off the river?
  11. Brian, Good idea about the card, hopefully someone finds it. I remember when I was a kid, I was down for a trip where they cut the water off. I found 4-5 rods and reels and a bunch of lures, I thought I was in heaven. Reels were shot and full of sand, I remember it really made a mess on the kitchen table as I tried to clean them up. Rods were fine.
  12. Phil,thanks for setting us up with Tracy F? to guide my wife and I on Saturday. She also looks great in the orange OAF hat I bought for her to wear. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and only sprinkled on us a couple of times at the start of our afternoon trip and we even had some sun. This was the first trout fishing experience for my wife, and I think it may be hard to top. Tracy took us up to the dam and we mainly drifted back to Fall Creek before heading back up. Based on the recent fishing reports I drifted a white jig and had quite a bit of success catching nice rainbows and two or three nice browns. Tracy had my using a drift rig with an egg pattern and a red blood midge that produced well also. The best tactic was to drift rig a floating rapala or husky jerk. I caught several browns and nice rainbows with this set-up. However, the highlight of the day was a huge 21 inch very fat brown my wife caught with this set-up. We took several pictures with the digital camera to record the moment, then released him. However, as she was waiting to take a picture of a nice brown I was reeling in, she got a huge hit and stood up to set the hook. Unfortunately, she also had the camera in her lap and the next thing we heard was a big splash followed by an image of the cameral slowly sinking into the river. I guess, we'll just have to come back to get more pictures. Let me know if anyone catches a silver Kodak digital camera! Overall, I think we caught 24 trout from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. with three to four browns going about 18" and the 21" brown my wife caught in addition to some very colorful and fat rainbows. To cap off the trip as we were getting ready head back in, we saw about 12 turkeys fly into the trees above us to roost for the night.
  13. Have you ever tried circle hooks? Find the smallest circle hook you can usually a #4 or #6. The trick to circle hooks is not to set the hook or you'll pull it right out, even if they've swallowed it. Just let them take it and slowly reel in and the hook will set it's self in the corner of the mouth.
  14. My dad and I are headed down to fish Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, then going on further to fish in Arkansas. I've enjoyed reading everyones posts and getting an idea of what their hitting on. Based on all the night fishing posts, I may try that as well. If you happen to run into a 30 something guy in a brown fishing chest pack and an older man in a green chest pack say hi. My dad's kind of short, so he may look like he's in a deep hole, but in all likely hood, it should be shallow where he's standing. Can't wait!! Hope I can sleep tonight.
  15. I'm headed down to Arkansas on next Wednesday and plan to fish my way down from KC on Tuesday and Wednesday. Depending on generation, we'll stop by Tanney, but also throught I'd try Capps. Tried it last year about this time of year and only caught a sucker. The water's beautiful and fun to fish from the mill down to the bridge, but I didn't see a single trout. Do they stock in mid winter?
  16. To be honest, I've been fishing for many years and wasen't sure what shuffling was or that it was illegal until I read about it in a forum or possibly in some of the regulations info at Bennett. Trout parks, Northfork by the dam boatramp access and Tanney are about the only places I've run into fish congregating by your feet. Sometimes their so thick you almost trip over them. A sign by the hatchery would at least educate and you could point it out in case there were any blatant shufflers, you'd like to educate.
  17. Trout are going crazy on Sunday morning. I think I'm watching this too much, I'm starting to give them nicknames. Like humpback, old split fin, etc. Good thing this doesn't work while I'm at my office computer, I'd never get anything done.
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