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  2. Thanks, Phil It was a flashing message at the top of the home page that urged you to check your messages and also was still there when you went to various forums. I showed it to my son in law who is in computer marketing and he said it was a common "phishing" tactic. I just checked my messages and it did not come up nor is it on the site anymore. again thanks..
  4. Very slow fishing, water is full of crap, sickly green color... Managed a few in 2 days on inflated night crawlers and gulp eggs and pink trout magnets. Only people catching a lot said they were chumming with dog food and using brown power bait... I guess that might work.
  5. Headed down with 2 other couples on a camping outing. Fished Sunday afternoon and found the park very crowded. Lots of moss coming down and very windy. Managed a few on white roach and various color glo balls. Noticed a lot of tiny flies coming off so went back near evening and tried a yellow parachute Adams. No 16. Caught several from hatchery outlet to the whistle bridge. It was a lot of fun as the water is clear as gin and you could watch the action. Fish seemed either dandies or dinks not much in between. There are apparently quite a few sub legal browns in that stretch and a couple hit the dry like bass! Noted other anglers doing well on San Juan worm/ nymph. Gotta love Mondays. One of my friends and I shared the outlet hole with only 2 others. Caught several at the whistle on brown jig, sculpin jig and rainbow rooster tail. Friend took several on various woolies with spinner. Whenever he swapped colors on the wooly seemed like he could catch a few more. About 8 am the trout really started on the surface. Called the wife and she showed up with fly rod in hand and proceeded to wear them out. Again on the Adams. Again some browns, including one about 15 in were taken. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday mostly. Hate to report saw two older gentlemen in zone 2 ripping out limits on cheese late in the day. Trying to hide it by having it in their vests but every one caught swallowed it. I went to the hatchery but the one worker I found just shrugged. I went back and called them out on it after they were still fishing with four on their stringers. I assume to hi grade. They just grabbed there stuff and headed to the parking lot. Oh well,,, This morning was unreal. I was the only one from the dam to the bridge and caught some real nice rainbows on glo balls. Weird to have the whole stream to yourself at the whistle!
  6. that looks to be a Kentucky... yes?
  7. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We have the capacity to bring energy independence to the USA.. to once again be a productive and reinvigorated nation and we run around like little girls afraid of some made up apocalypse..
  8. you might want to go down to the public access area along the river and try minnows as well as worms in the Niangua. You need a trout stamp to keep trout (not sure about the young ns) but you can catch other species which will also keep them interested.
  9. We had good luck with a small jig head under an indicator tipped with a white gulp egg and a piece of night crawler. Caught some on pink too. Not near as good bite w/o the crawler.
  10. size was adequate; pretty uniform, no dinks but no lunkers.. a couple maybe 13 in. I talked to the lady that does the room reservations and she said it only gets "cleaned" once a day if lucky...I guess the staff at the hatchery might know why cleaning stations are tabu at BSSP
  11. Made a day trip to Bennett on 9-17. Got fishing around 11 and fished until 4 with a short lunch break. The good; tons of fish, water was in good shape and the weather was nice! Caught and released 20-25 fish on black and yellow 1/64 marabou jigs, JD jig, pink fur bug, and white roach under a float. Fish were in all parts of the stream that I fished; from the whistle bridge to the dam apron. About 3:30 saw a bunch of risers so tried the fly rod with a Dave's hopper and got 3 that hit like bass! Fun! The bad; The restrooms at the hq store where you get tags were the nastiest smelliest I have seen/smelled in a long time. Surely, a concessionaire, MO dept cons. or somebody could manage some decent places to wash up etc. Wow! The ugly; Why cannot BS provide some fish cleaning facilities? I was sitting on the steps above the big bridge winding down and got an eerie feeling; looking down the skeletal remains of rainbow staring at me with algae covered eyes amid a dozen skins, heads etc. with a swarm of gut eaters waiting for me to clean something. Not needed.
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