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  1. I have a 14' 2008 tracker jon and trailer for sale. $400
  2. Hello looking for private pond in the Springfield are to take my 4yr old fishing this spring. A place that would be easy to get to and fun for him catching fish. Just looking to catch and release and very good steward of the outdoors. please pm me info if available. thanks, scott
  3. Usbank boat loan and rates are tuff to beat 4 to 5 % out to 15yr hard to beat.
  4. I Have Many Curado Reels b and e versions, Chronach e, with 7' mh Gloomis GL3 and Falcon Cara Head Turner & Cara Finesse rods to match. Shimano Symitre With GLoomis BCR 803 MossyBack rod. all gear in great condition. not wanting to sell all just enough to get tfo and Galvan reel. open to reasonable offers. 417-224-3985 scott.
  5. Was Laid Off and Needing A New Start In SW MO. Please See Resume IF any Thought That I would be a valuable asset to the company. Thank You. Scott Scott5.doc
  6. Yes it was. I pour and tie my own. It was a MO Craw pattern with a Grn Pmkn Paca craw trailer
  7. I caught this girl yesterday and have some weight issue?’s. She measured 26.25" long and 19" girth. That equals 10.91 lbs according to the bassmaster calculator. I have caught 2 fish over 8lb smaller than her before. But I can't believe she is almost 11 lbs. Has anyone that has caught a fish recently close to those measurements or weight tell me what weight they think she is actually closer to.
  8. I am needing a new rod that I primarily throw 1/2 oz spinnerbaits with and occasionally 3/8 to 3/4 oz football jigs. Any suggestions other than get two rods? Thanks for any input?
  9. Fishing Sprgfld Lake Sat Morn.

  10. Hey WHATS that Smell?????

  11. Well started early at dawn with topwater in mind with the calm wind last Sat. morning. Caught 3 on a Sammy, and 2 on a Pop-R in 55 deg water. The water is slightly stained. Morning bight slowed and off I went to fish the bluff. I really am starting to love drop-shot fishing. It just produces. Caught 3 more and venture my way toward the boathouse. Got some jerk bait fish to bight and I was happy with them. Only 1 spinnerbait fish. With the wind picked up I really thought it would have been better. I need the temp to drop a little more for my liking. On way back picked up a chunky jig fish. And
  12. Last Sat I had a similar patern. Find unmuddy water and used a fluke. Produced 3 over 3lbs and 1 over 4lb. in about 4-6' of water.
  13. Any suggestions on fishing the Rock this Sun with the post front and rising water?
  14. The Shimano Saros for the money is about the hardest to beat. For $130 to have a real that is as smooth and durable that works and keeps on working even when not taken care of. This is the best spinning real I have ever owned over $100 bucks.
  15. Wayne where/How do you replace or use the wire instead of the fiber in the mold when you pour?
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