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  1. I would be interested in any of them and probably 45-50 lbs.
  2. Whyis it that we can solve this insanity here and those that make a quasibillion dollars a year cant see it? I 100% completely agree with your idea and even though we will all love and liss our old conferences and such, the mega conference future is coming wether we like it or not.
  3. Totally agree! I am a huge advocate of the playoff system in college football and I have argued the same point about the bowl games being the sweet sixteen of college football or what ever the number of games needs be. TV money, espn, the NCAA all have too much money invested in the bowl games and current system right now. Unfortunately, until someone busts that gig up, we're stuck with what we have.
  4. I have watched and learned more about conference realignment in the past year than I ever cared to know. I am a proud grad of OSU and bleed orange, married to one of the biggest boomer sooners there is (yes, its a hostile house divided) and have concluded that the Big 12 is done. I understand that the big teams in the conference are Texas and OU and that their lions share of the money is and has been warranted for many years. But with other schools starting to becomse more relevant, the way the money is split is no longer going to work. Then you add in TV revenue and the like and the compl
  5. I would like to first say that I love being able to post a prayer request to a site without any hesitation. Thank you all and GOD bless you. I wish to ask for prayer for my family, nothing wrong thankfully, just a simple prayer that GOD protects us and blesses us where HE sees fit. He has always provided for us, so the worry I feel is unnecesary I know, but I'm human. Thanks again and I will return the prayer now.
  6. First time poster in this area. I drew in to hunt the boggy area at MCAAP and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the area. I appreciate any help that I can get!
  7. Haven't been fishing one time this year.... Blah

  8. Hello Tim! Thanks for the report and I sure hope to get up there soon. Its been a pretty rough year down here in OK, but we're getting thru. Anywho, if you get a chance to post some more pics, I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks
  9. I am looking for a recurve bow if anyone has one or knows of one. I am really interested in a kodiak magnum or would love to have a black widow... if i could afford one. Anywho, if anyone has one I'd sure like to look at it.
  10. Thank you sir! I will try to get down there once the antarctic leaves Oklahoma.
  11. My dad bought my brother and I spinning rods from Tim's this last weekend. Awesome rod, lots of action and tough as it can be. Ol dad treats us to good. Anywho, go by and visit with Tim about them and pick one up. Worth whatever they bring.
  12. Amen to all. I witnessed a beautiful brown caught(foul hooked) this last weeked. Broke my heart. She was worn out and mishandled in a bad way. I would imagine she lived but not without some stress.... Anywho, I was fortunate enough to catch a good one as well and sure did my best to get a picture and send it on the way.
  13. Hello everyone! I have lived here in NE Ok all my life, ad I hate to admit this, but I've never trout fished the Illinois. I know, I know, it's sad. I'd sure like to rectify that so if anyone wouldn't mind sharing some favorite spots and tactics, I'd be much obliged. Anywho, I spend a lot of time up at Roaring River in Missouri and can't always make the trip, so anywhere around here to get my fix would sure help. Thanks a bunch and GOD bless
  14. WOW! What a storm! I have about a 2' snow drift on my front porch and about 10"-12" in the yard. Weather man says this is the most snow we've had since 1994 and I sure believe him. Anywho, I sure hope you are all safe and warm up there by the river. Tim, if you can get some pictures of the park, I bet there is a ton of snow up there, but be careful! I was also wondering if there are any Muskogee/Tulsa area folks that visit this forum. I hear there is a Tulsa Fly Fishing club and I see that there will be lessons given at the Boat and Travel show. Anywho, I'd sure like to met anyone
  15. We couldn't have picked a better couple of days to go to RR. It was beautiful, 65+ degrees both days, fish biting for the most part and I even caught one to brag about. Day one was a great fishing day, didn't start till after 1pm but they really were getting after my olive woolybugger all afternoon. My good one went 21" and round 5lbs so my weekend was complete before it even ended. Thanks Tim for the "big trout buggers", they realy work for me. I also had really good fishing with the off white chamois worms, lots of bites and even thought they were hitting it real light, i got plenty of
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