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  1. As the title says, looking for a aluminum square stern canoe. 16-17 ft ideally. Doesn't need to be pretty.
  2. Not just limited public companies... lots of private companies are buying/selling as well.
  3. There's billions of dollars in the private equity funds that HAS to be deployed in the near future or the funds need to return the money to the investors, which they won't do. The result is lots of companies buying assets. Likewise, lots of companies under PE ownership are following the route flysmallie is describing... buy lots of smaller companies in the same industry (say for 5x EBITDA), bundle them in your base business, then turn around and sell the whole package for a 10x mult. There are lots of highly leveraged deals going on out there. Don't know if I want to call it a bubbl
  4. I'm right by 44 and 109 and also down for a trip whenever. Have a kayak I can load up... or provide gas money.
  5. I have a Humminbird 698ci on my kayak. It is the previous model, with a smaller screen. Very happy with the performance of that unit, so it your getting the MEGA and a bigger screen I'd imagine you'd be just fine. The screens only have so much resolution, but if you save any of the images or record your path, the quality on a computer is pretty incredible.
  6. Ha! Me too. Desperation move on my part.
  7. IBR... Income based repayment on federal Loans. Have an auto-forgiveness feature built in for all loans after 25 years. But, the forgiven amount is treated as taxable income when forgiven. The period lowers to 10 years if taking a job in public service. Theoretically, you can rack up a huge loan balance, do state social work and and have the balance forgiven after 10 years since you make peanuts. Reminds me a of one of my sisters friends who did undergrad at Loyola U Chicago and then got a Masters of Social Work at Wash U. I don't even want to know what her loan total is. Makes no sense
  8. Yeah, no disagreement there.
  9. It boggles my mind that there hasn't been a manufacturer to come up with essentially the transducer connected to a little computer CPU, with video out jacks, and then let the user decide on what screen to buy and use. I guess they protect them selves buy charging premiums for the screen size when in reality all you are paying for is the sonar technology. You can buy a top of the line 24" TV for $150... with minimal difference the sonar screens. Pay another $100 bucks and you can make it touch screen. Sonar companies are GOUGING people.
  10. Jealous man! Have fun, let us know how it goes.
  11. I think you would be fine if you are in on the Green Bay side, and in any of the bays... Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Rowleys Bay, and Sturgeon Bay. Maybe on windy days it might be a little dicey. I've paddled the kayak in the bay areas and never felt unsafe. Main lake areas do get a bit choppy however, even in somewhat calm conditions. But the bays are big enough to keep you entertained. Beautiful area.
  12. jpb2187


    Beautiful fish.
  13. 1. A lot of companies require a passcode on the device if you are synced with their mail server. 2. If you utilize Apple Pay, or have other sensitive info stored on your phone it is a smart idea to have a passcode. 3. You can have a passcode set up on your phone and still call 911 AND access an emergency contact number, your name, family/friends name and contact info, blood type, weight, etc. 4. For those concerned with government overreach... a passcode is legally protected way to secure your data, and you as an individual are not required to provide that passcode, HOWE
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