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  1. Gotcha. We use 3oz sinkers basically acts like a little downrigger.
  2. This may be what one of the previous posters is referring to as snap weights. We run 30lb braid main line to an in-line swivel sinker. Off of that a 3’ leader to the crankbait. With that setup the dive chart for the bait doesn’t really matter. We use a livescope to verify depths but it’s easy to run them wherever you want. 25’ down is no issue. Generally we’re in the 10-12ft range earlier on, going deeper as the days get longer. We run them off the front of the bot so you don’t need 600yards to turn the boat around.
  3. has to be engineered to pass greene county code. theres a bunch of extra stuff that isnt standard - trusses have to be bolted to poles, gravel in bottom of post hole, concrete around pole, idk what all else. itll have to be permitted and inspected and whoever builds it will have to make sure that it passes all the necessary inspections. but yeah, i hear ya. good lookin out.
  4. if anyone has a handle or way to contact some amish/mennonite folks that build pole barns on the cheap, im in the market for a pole barn. springfield area.
  5. Well you weren’t wrong. Tuesday we gave it a go. Water temp 74, sunny all day. Caught a couple good crappie and a few bass, a Muskie and had a real good walleye on that came off at the boat. Ended up taking home a nice sunburn but not enough crappie to mess with cleaning so we let them go. Sure beat workin tho.
  6. I’ve cooked a couple like that with a heat gun when I’m painting. They must’ve gotten HOT.
  7. Thinking about heading up to pomme one day this week to pester some crappie, anyone got any tips?
  8. Not this time, we were spider rigging minnows.
  9. Couple I did a few weeks ago. Have some orders to fill so will be doing more shortly
  10. ive always filleted everything. However I would like to run some through my smoker and ive heard that bones in is the way to go
  11. Man you must really have a specific bot you’re looking for, been over a year
  12. im a palomar guy on pretty much everything. i would like to know what the benefits of running a loop knot on crappie jigs are tho, anyone have an opinion?
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