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Otters X4


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Got down to the dock about 6 am Friday to find 4 OTTERS in the boat finishing up what was left of the seats. they are just so cute with foam and naughahyde on there little face NOT. so some more duct tape and quick poop rinse and off to the dam we went. Another good day of fishing caught fish from cable to Fall creek on 1/8 jigs up to 18'' lost a nice brown in the fall creek area and saw a large rainbow 10#s plus cruising the shallows in the same area .Back home now and cant make it back down till thanksgiving. since my boat wasnt in the dock last night im told the OTTERS started to eat the resorts pontoon. MDC was contacted and the reply was pretty much were sorry have a nice day.

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Sorry to hear about the boat seats being eaten......I didnt think otters tore stuff up like that.

But I had to share that the last night that we spent at Lillley's I left a box of worms on the floor of the boat and when I went out in the morning the lid was off and the worms were gone....whatever it was did leave a nice pile of dirt on the floor. Just thought it was kinda funny......I guess that is the chance we take since we are on thier turf so to speak ^_^

A Cornhusker

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