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Weather And Masters Tournament

Phil Lilley

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  • Root Admin

Had some calls about the weekend. Wanted to answer the general ones here on the forum.

We won't cancel the tournament regardless of the weather. We have quite a few locals that will fish it plus some people heading down before the weather comes in so we'll have a decent turnout.

According to http:// weather.com, the wet stuff isn't supposed to move in here till Thursday evening. Roads should be fine all day tomorrow.

We'll do our best to keep the Cooper Creek ramp open and in operation through the snow and ice. It should be clear Saturday morning and evening.

I would like to point out for those who will use a ramp during sub-freezing temps... be kind to the next guy -- when you pull your boat or trailer out of the water, pause and let the water drip off the trailer in the lake. Don't pull right out and drag water all the way up the ramp just to freeze and make it tough for the next guy.

We'll put bags of ice-melt by the ramp for people to use.

Can't speak for any other ramps on the lake.

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  • Root Admin

Oh yea... the most important bit of news everyone is wondering about... WHAT'S FOR SUPPER???!?!!

Chili with the trimmings (rice, spaghetti, corn chips, sour cream and of course cheese)

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