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I have a $75 gift certificate for BassPro and the only thing I really need or want is new waders. I was looking at the Simms Freestones for $199.99. Anybody have any experience with these or any others offered at BPS? How about their house brand "White River"?

I wouldn't normally pay $199.99 for waders but I have the cert.

I've had a pair of Hodgman waders I bought 7 or 8 years ago and I went to their site and they don't offer this model anymore. I think I paid a hundered bucks for them. They have been flawless until just recently and they are leaking ever so slightly in several places so I need new ones. I know people have had bad luck with waders but I guess I've always been lucky.

So, fire away. I want to use the $75 gift cert.

Thank you for your participation, SIO3

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Depending on your proximity to Springfield, I would recommend getting a pair of White River waders from the outlet. I got my breathable "deluxe" version with zippered pockets and hand warmer area on chest for $75. There was a pair without the chest pockets for $40 but they did not have my size. I have only had them out for 4 or 5 trips so I cant speak for longevity yet. I also got a WHALE of a deal on some Simms wading boots.

I have spent most of my money on fly fishing and beer. The rest I just wasted.


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I have been wareing a set of White River stoking foot waders for 10 years now. I have logged hundreds of hours on the water with them. I have never had a leak.

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I have a pair of Cabela's G2 stocking foot waders that I got on sale for less than $100. They work great and I couldn't be happier but....

If I didn't also own a pair neoprene's and if I had a $75 gift card at the time of my purchase I would have bought the Freestones. They look sharp IMO and I usually hear good things about them.

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Simms Freestone waders: $200

Minus BP Gift card....: -$75

Final cost of waders..: $125

What more do you want? A pair of Hodgemans would cost you that much. Do it!!

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Consider yourself lucky that you are of "normal" proportions and the Freestones fit you. I had to buy the Headwaters for $300 because they were the cheapest model they made in medium short...I felt like MC Hammer in the regular length. Trying to find Cabela's or White River waders in odd sizes?...fuggettaboudit. I went through three "order and return" headaches because they don't stock anything to try on and none of them fit to the measurements they say. Go with the Simms and don't look back. Waders are important, spend the money.

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