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Roaring River Pictures


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I about fell off my chair the other day when this lady I know showed me some post cards. I don't know the year when they were taken but I thought they were great. She has a few more that she's finding and I'll post them also. These are really great!!! I thought you all would like them!!!





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Cool pics. Any idea what year(s)? I've been going to RR since about 1970. I think those are well before that.


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Greg Mitchell

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Is that Tim Homsley in the third pic there? :heeee:

Great pics!!!



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Love the old photos, thanks for posting them. I'll have to ask my aunt if she can find any old ones like that. They used to go there back in the 50's.

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The old Lodge and the Sping cave are the only things that are still the same. It's a pity they had to build that new store. It just doesn't feel right. Thanks for the pictures. I look forward to seeing a few more.

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Nice pics, thanks for sharing.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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Cool pics. Any idea what year(s)?

I think that dam was built in the 40's, and destroyed by flood in the late 50's maybe 60's. I would think that Tim would have a good guess at the time line. Thanks for the pics Murdoc.

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She showed me some others that she's looking for now. One was of workers building the two falls up at hatchery and one was of Bass lake when it was full. She's still looking.

Hi Murdoc. There is a picture of bass lake on the mdc website. It appeared to be located where the lower campground area is now.

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