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22 Rifle For 8 Year Old


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I found a remington model 5 youth -- it looks like a nice gun -- kind of a knock-off of a cz scout.

only other youth model that i've found is a henry lever action. i don't think lever actions are that safe though because of the hammer.

doesn't necessarily have to be a youth model though. a 10/22 is small...just not sure i want him to have an auto...

any other ideas???


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here are a few options:



(Rossi has some 22/12ga combos that he might get more use out of as he gets older?)


(don't know what your budget is, but in addition to the lever actions Henry makes an "Acu-Bolt" shown on this page as a scoped combo for $308)





(597 w/scope for $200 shown on this page)


I don't know what to tell you on the lever/bolt/semi auto front, but whatever you decide you should be able to find what you want at a decent price at the above links. With Bud's you do have to read the description to ensure that a rifle pictured with a scope or other accessories includes the additional items as they use a lot of stock photos.

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Marlin makes some excellent .22's, they have youth models if you really want one, but most .22's tend to have small stocks anyway. If you want something a bit 'nicer' check out savage's line of .22's both companies make great shooting rifles and are well priced. I have 3 marlins and my buddy has a couple of savages and I'd take ANY of the 5 out shooting or hunting without 2nd thought as to which one I actually grabbed.

I would stick with a bolt action if you are really wanting to train him to shoot properly. semi auto promotes rapid unaimed fire, although it sure is fun, but shooting fast and not hitting anything is fail. I'd stay away from lever actions. far to many moving parts to worry about for a new shooter and difficult to clean. Bolt action definately the way to go for a new shooter, less to think about, easier to clean/clear, and accurate.

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I learned on an old Winchester pump, then a Remington TD Speedmaster that were my Uncle's. On my 10th Bday, I was presented a Ruger 10-22 that I still use today. Many thousands of rounds have went thru the barrel and still shoots well in the last 37 years of use.

Alot depends on his size, what fits him and what he can steadily support and carry. There were not many youth models back in that time. Today there is the Chipmunk, which becomes useless as the child ages and outgrows it. My opinion, get him something he will use and keep for a long time. But even a youth model could be passed along to his kids or your other kids if you have them. If you decide on an auto, you should single feed it till he gets the hang of it, then turn him loose with a full mag. Same goes with any 22 till he gets safe with it, single feed/single shots. And do teach him how to use open sights, it will help with future shooting skills with other guns, don't just start him out with a scoped rifle.

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Actually the Henry Youth Lever Action is what I got Dylan.

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I would not put a semi-auto in the hands of a youngster just starting out. Several reasons - safety, accuracy, etc. That aside, bolt actions and pumps are best choices in my opinion, but lever actions are good as well. I'm not sure what your worry is about the hammer on a lever action. A reliable safe weapon is the key.

I go along with Chief on the Henry Youth lever action - nice weapon that he can pass down to his son and his son's son, etc.

Unless he has been shooting for a while, don't put a scope on the rifle. I am of the opinion that starting off any shooter with a scope is a big mistake. They will be a much better shot if they are forced to learn to shoot open sights first. Then go to a scope. Besides... scopes in the hands of a beginner can be unsafe due to the focus on one spot and not the surroundings outside the scopes field of view. I know... I know... both eyes open. But we're talking a beginner who may have difficulty with this and needs to develop this technique.

The main thing to remember is to instill safety first in the youngster. I can still hear my dad asking me (for the millionth time that day) if my safety was on. But, I tell you... Every time I'm in the woods, I check my safety every five minutes and that thanks to my father. He also reminded me frequently about where the barrel was pointed - making sure it was not pointed at someone.



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They use to sell the "Cricket" at wally world. It was a single shot bolt action 22 made for smaller kids. Personally I would get the Ruger 10/22 with the 16" barrel for my kid, but I realize not all kids are the same. Plus the fact the Ruger is quit a bit more expensive.

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i found an old youth winchester model 67...a single shot bolt action that was discontinued in 1963. i like it but the guy thinks it is a collectors so he is proud of it.

the henry doesn't have a safety, and i don't like how you have to de-cock the hammer on lever actions...

a guy told me he would order a marlin 915Y -- it's a modern bolt action single shot for $200...i'm tempted, but sight unseen i hate to do it.

if i can get the winchester for the same amount as the 10/22 -- i think i'll get it, but if not i think i'll go with the 10/22.

thanks for the help

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