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Ever Seen A Mountain Lion While At The Current?

Gene K

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These were taken last week by a friend who was down fishing. He happened upon a fellow out hunting who told him that he had just seen a mountain lion chasing a deer. Told him the tail was darn near as long as the body, which eliminates a bobcat. My friend asked him to take him to the spot. The photos are from the spot the guy took him to. Tear-drop shape, right size - guess there could be some kitty's in the hood. Photos have been sent to MDC. Will be interesting to hear back from them.

Location was up the hill from the Derry Berry hole.






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That's sure interesting. Let us know what MDC says.


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Greg Mitchell

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the tracks look like those of a canine to me. I'm not an expert though. I googled some mt lion tracks and you rarely see the clear claw marks that are visible in these photos. also a feline's toe pads tend to be a bit more teardrop and in front of their central pad. most telling is that the front two toes are equal length. (see the last photo on this link) they do a better job of describing the characteristics.


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I agree. With no other information at hand, I would discount those tracks as canine. But they sure do appear to be tear dropped pads. The variable is that an older fella told my friend about watching the cat chase a deer, and then took him to the spot. Wind and the resulting blowing snow makes it hard to verify the third lobe impression. What's not hard to verify is that MDC verified a M Lion in Shannon county just a few year ago, based upon prints and the remains of a deer carcass. Who knows - but I can tell you that the hikes I routinely take since that verification always result in me looking up in the trees as I hike.

Unrelated - I have some good photos of a 5 ft timber rattler from Parker Hollow this summer. Not sure which bothers me more; A ML or clumsily hiking through the hills and leaves knowing there are rattlers like that around. As for bobcats, we captured the largest I have ever seen, first hand, from a game cam just a few days before deer season. Beautiful kitty. It was so darn big that many folks would immediately think 'ML.'

Based on the photos of the ML tracks, I think it might be hard for MDC to verify (blowing snow), but my friend and I have already said that the next snow we are headed down to try and get some better pics.

It's hard to discount the story of the muzzle loading hunter after he was asked to go back to the spot and see the prints though.

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yup, wow on the rattler. running into those guys would worry me more than a mtn lion that maybe might be in the area. would like to see the pics...

Yup... I thought that having moved from Colorado to Missouri, I was at least safe from rattlers of all things.

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yup, wow on the rattler. running into those guys would worry me more than a mtn lion that maybe might be in the area. would like to see the pics...

My friend tried to get him out from under the cabin but he was too darn strong...


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