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Big Snapper


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once i was swimming across turtle creek,man them turtles snapping at my feet,it sure was hard swimming cross that thing,with both hands holding my ding a ling a ling

Fathers day weekend. Out of a pool we were swimmin in.


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Ahem...or stupid...we were rooting for the turtle, ir almost got him before he let it go.

Well I've seen snapping turtles reach back and nearly bite their own tail..

Saw one clamp onto a guys arm one time, it was not pretty at all...

I'm not afraid, mind you.. I just have a very healthy respect for wild animals who can snap a 2x4 in half!


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Saw a giant one last year at the first bend below the wire. At first I thought it was a rock. Then it started swimming. Rocks can't swim in case you were wondering. It was massive.

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I've seen them bigger, but my hats off to the guy who is holding that monster!! That turtle does not look like a happy camper!

"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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