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Fillet Knives

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Good morning everyone!! I am looking to buy a new fillet knife and wanted some ins and outs on what to look for in a decent knife. Are the expensive ones really better than the cheap ones? I am bound and determined to learn how to fillet and would like a knife that will last many years. Thanks for you help!


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Cooks Illustrated has done comparative testing on a number of knives - both brands and styles. Heinckels, Global, Shun, Mac, Wusthof, etc. The consistent winner or best buy is not one of the high dollar brands. It is Victorinox Forschner (the original Swiss Army knife people). Many professional meat cutters buy and use them. I own one and use it. I prefer it to my black handle Normark and my Sabatier.

The man I use to sharpen my knives twice a year sings their praises.

Here is a link: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/victorinox-forschner/fillet-knives

If you want a sheath try here: http://www.bladetamer.com/html/combos.html

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The old Fin-Nor is hard to beat, thin, sharp as a razor and cheap comparatively. It can depend on what you intend to fillet. A large knife can be unwieldy on panfish, IMO.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I use a 6" rapala fillet knife- holds the edge well, not too big for bluegill/crappie, but still has enough muscle to butcher a flathead. I like the thing blade they have, since I mainly do fish less than 20 lbs. The black handle with the finger guard is my personal favorite- and I would go with the one that comes with the fillet glove. Saves a lot of cuts and nicks, but also helps hold fish in place and reduces fin sticks.


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I hate having to depend on 120 volts....but nothing makes the job of filleting a mess of fish go smoother than a good electric fillet knife. Most of my fish cleaning is White bass and those rib bones are tough as hell.

In the absence of electricity I prefer the old standard wood handled Rapala's. Crappie, trout, and catfish are a breeze with the Rapala blade....but whites are another story.

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