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Hatches Help Please

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so once there is a a hatch for a example a mayfly hatch on a river is that the only one for that year on that river. so more less once there is a hatch there wont be another hatch of the same bug till the next year? sorry trying to learn. thanks

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....but, hatches aren't really all that important when fishing in MO (which I assume you're talking about). There aren't a lot of the by-the-calendar hatches that people gear up for and fish every year. You'll hear about the Meramac whitefly hatch, the winter caddis hatch on the Current, etc. But if you're like a lot of folks, you go when you can go, and you'll do best with a range of flies tailored to the water or the species of trout that are in it.


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Alot depends on the bug. Certain "prolific" western hatches happen a certain time a year. Around here.....midges can hatch every day. Caddis have a spring and fall hatch. Water and weather conditions determine length and quantity.

Zack Hoyt

OAF Contributor

Flies, Lies, and Other Diversions

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