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September 8Th. Just About As Hard As It Gets.

Bill Babler

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Good Golly, how hard was it? Way to hard for this old country boy.

Good friend and client Ed from KC was in and we decided with the Fall derby's coming up we would just fish a practice tournament. Hit the water at 6:30 and right out of the box, we pulled onto a windy chunck rock bank that seemed to be teeming with bass type fishes.

Trouble was it was over, really before it started.

In the first 45 minutes Ed put 3 nice Largemouth Keepers in the boat and I had 3 shorts, and then it simply ground to a halt. Let me say, it did not grind, it just flat quit. By 7:30 when that sun hit the water and the high blue, high prussure hit it was a total nightmare for us.

Fished from point 9 to the Shell Knob bridge and should have just saved the gas money.

Total for the day was 15 fish with those only 3 keepers that Ed popped early. Just amazing.

I believe we could have had another couple of dropshot fish if the water would have cooperated. It was hard for me to hold on the flats and humps with the 2 footers and the wind howling. Caught 2 jig fish all day, they would not havve it.

Usually on a front you can slow down and move to timber, but nothing there either. Tried a dock bite, or as it was a non-bite.

We lost the make believe derby as we only had 7.5 pounds.

Looks rough out there again this morning with the complete high prussure.

Wish I had better news and good luck.

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Wrong page, I know, but they bit pretty good Friday at Beaver ahead of the front ... Donna and I fished 7 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and had a dozen or so fish of all four flavors — LM, SM, spots and meanmouths — with 10 keepers. Best five woulda been 4 brown ones and a spot for 12 pounds. It was strictly a bottom bite on hula grub (green pumpkin/purple/copper flake) and a football jig (PBJ with a Yammy green pumpkin double-tail trailer). The fish were surprisingly shallow, with all bites coming in 10-18 feet on main lake pea gravel-to-big rock transitions. Presence of timber didn't seem to help or hurt.

Glad I was wielding golf sticks instead of a fishin' rod Sat/Sun. Those first couple of strong fronts every fall sure put a crunch on the action.


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