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11 Point Trip Report- 9-23-2012 - One Lesson Learned

wacky worm

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this years trip was awesome

weather perfect, fish biting and great company

the only thing that went wrong was someone stole one of our canoes

yes one of our group left his canoe by the ramp and we were camping at greer

woke up the next morning and it was gone

someone stole a green We NoN Nah and a Hog Heaven kayak paddle

the boat was a personal with little or no markings

the paddle was painted with HH on the blades

if any one see's this combo they are in possesion of stolen goods and should be reported, i dont care if they bought it from the crack head that stole it.

thats enough for that Lesson Learned


here is the fishing goods

above greer i caught a dozen goggles and half dozen smallies on a green tube

below greer we caught them on green flies that Phil Lilley gave me a couple years ago

(thanks again Phil , those babies work)

we also caught them on dons flies, joes flies

below turner we caught them on minnows

below whitten we caught smallies on punkinseed tubes

we met a young buck named randy and he hung out at our campsite and followed us down river

check him out on youtube

enjoy pics

keep floating








Russ Stovall



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Hope Randy doesn't have the disease that has been killing deer this year. Every float I have done this summer I have encountered at least one dead deer in the water. Also have one hanging around our place that seems a little skinny and doesn't run off when you get near it. Haven't tried to pet it however. Randy looks healthy, but pretty wierd you could touch him.

Nice fish!

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Sorry to hear about the theft. I know I am guilty of being too trusting sometimes with unattended gear but I have never experienced anything being messed with on the Eleven Point. Just goes to show you. I am always leery of leaving a vehicle too but again have never had a problem. I hope they catch whoever did it and put it in the local paper to discourage further problems. I have heard of these things on other more popular streams in the Ozarks but not my favorite waters.

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phil, you gave me a bunch of green jig heads with different color feathers on the bottom like white or tan

they were sweet , i have several left and the next time i get near your place i coming over there for some more :)

there was three guys that were camping as i was floating on by, and they asked if i had any trout and we had plenty so i paddled over to them and gave them three trout and there was randy (they had named him) , so the next day when those guys floated by us they told us that randy was following them and shure enough the next thing we know he is on our campsite and then he followed us down river for a mile or so

Russ Stovall



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Its kinda funny to see deer that act like dogs, my neighbor has one that follows him around.

they love jolly rancher candy.

I betcha Randy knows who stole your stuff, too bad he aint talking. LOL

sorry to hear about your lose.

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What a trip Russ!! Bet that will make it more memorable.

"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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I have been keeping my eyes open looking for your boat. A couple of days after your canoe was taken, Hufstedlers had one stolen at the hwy 142 access. I am betting someone discovered an easy way to steal and is now cruising access points in the evenings. Might be a good idea to check Craig's list to see if these boats go up for sale there and hopefully be able to track them back to the jerk that stole them.




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