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2013 Spring Trip


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For the last 3 years our group from Chicago has headed down the second week of April for 5-7 days to fish the Rock. We've always stayed up Aunt's Creek. After the gas bill for 3 boats last year - we ran from Aunts north to Cape Fair, west to Big Creek, and east to Cow Creek - we're looking to move more main lake.

Wouldn't mind staying east of Kimberling City to have a reasonable run to get to either Baxter or Long Creek.

We typically have 4-6 guys. 1 group tows a boat down the 500+ Miles. The other 2 groups rent boats. The key to this whole thing is finding a resort with 2 above average Bass Boats - as you can see we tend to cover some water, and a 16 footer with a tiller on it ain't going to fly.

What I'm looking for is suggestions. I need a place to accomodate 6 men, hopefully in 1 or 2 cabins, with solid boat rental options, in the general area I mentioned above. I typically book this time of year for next spring, so if we're going to make the move I'd like to set it up soon.


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The 2 resorts I'm most familiar with are Schooner Creek & Whispering Woods, both of which are close to 13 bridge and about as centrally located as you could ask for.


Leon & Jody Prior

They used to have one bass boat for rent, but couldn't find it on their web site.


Gary & Lorene Watson

They list boat rentals, but not sure what they have?

You could also try Sleepy Hollow. Also good location, a bit west of KC.

web site shows bass boat rentals


You can rent bass boats at State Park Marina. Good location for Access to Spring Fishing areas.

Not sure if they will let you keep them overnight at another resort?


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Bill you might give Shell Knob a look see. I think you can find boats at Campbell Point or Viola, and the accomodations are top flight. You can access the White River and the Kings river at that time and the fishing during your period is probably the best any where on the lake except for Small Jaws.

Just another option you might want to look at. Great grocery store up there, but really not to far from Harter House. Excellent restaurants. Look at Indian Hills if you are interested in Mid-lake at Baxter and Baxter marina might have boats to rent also.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the info Bill. Guess that should have been the first question - where's the best place to be fishing around that time. We did well last year with a few 5lb + fish, and a handful over 4lbs, but that 8 pounder has been illusive. Of course, we also don't mind the occasional smalljaw, that's why I was thinking more toward Indian Point and the Dam Area. Luckily, we've got time to plan!

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Have you considered hiring guides? Heck, you aren't going to spend much more than you will on boat rental and fuel and you'll be assured of catching a bunch of fish. And no, I'm not a guide. But I know some good ones, including the guy two posts above this one.


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Champ, you're spot on. My father and/or I have graced the deck of Mr. Babler's rig for a day of our trip each of the last 3 years. While we tend to spend the majority of the day laughing at each other’s ridiculous stories or comparing gear, we do typically manage to boat a few decent fish, and take enough knowledge from the day to apply to the rest of the trip on our own.

Bill's always a good time and has taught us more about that lake in the 24 some hours we've been able to spend with him than we would have learned on our own in the 3 weeks time we've spent on the water in the last 3 years. I'm sure we'll see him in April 2013.

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Bill is a great Buddy. Lots of laughs with the whole clan. he also gave me one of the nicest presents anyone has ever given and it graces my lodge as we speak.

By the way Bill, you know you and the wife have a weekend on us anytime you want to get away and take advantage of it.

Again, thank you so much for the antique motor.


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Thanks Mr. Babler - I seem to say "thanks" a lot when I'm talking to you. I'm hoping to spend a weekend at your lodge with my bride before Willie and I make the annual trip next April. I'll email you about the particulars when we figure out when and remind you of why there will be no "comps". If you don't recall, jump to Thanks Champ for chiming in, I always look forward to reading your posts and you're right about the guides. Worth every dime and then some. Bill, I can't think of a better home for the old "Sea Horse" and can't wait to see her.

Berk Sr.

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Cant help you with the boat rental- but we just had a wedding at the lake. "Trace Hollow Resort" & "Sky Harbor Resort" lodged a whole bunch of people for us pretty cheap and no one bitched about anything. (Sky Harbor does have newer updated accomodations) Trace Hollow singles start at about 55 bucks- you can check wheir websites.. (Both are near Big Indian/Little Indian/Baxter)

Good luck & have fun spending all winter shopping online.. :)

Email me

Red-Right-Returning is for quitters !

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